2016 CSR Report

Letter from the Chairman


It has been 10 years since CTBC Holding published its first CSR report in 2007. In addition to adopting the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 guidelines, we have incorporated the ideas behind Integrated Reporting (IR), disclosing not only key information that is more focused, transparent and strategic, but also CTBC Holding's effort in CSR implementation, including its short-, mid-, and long-term business strategies, as well as capabilities and achievements that contribute greater value to the economy, environment, and society.

The United Nations developed a set of 17 people-centered Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2016 to provide a guide on sustainable development over the next 15 years. As the most internationalized financial institution in Taiwan, it is the duty of CTBC to help solve the problem of sustainable development for mankind. In the future, CTBC Holding will support in response to the UN SDGs by creating more shared value so that provides society with more insight into CTBC Holding's principles and practices, and discloses contents that meet stakeholders' expectations. In doing so, we are able to perfect our development, making us a better corporate citizen.

CTBC Bank partners with government and is responsible for collecting and paying resource recycling management finds and for collecting remediation fees. We also actively articipated in green financing symposiums such as the “Conference on APEC Green Energy Finance.“


Introduced the CTBC Poverty Alleviation Program, which provides guidance to business startups and loan plans, and helps economically unprivileged families to improve their finances and develop self-sustainability; supported Cultural and Creative Industries to assist cultural and creative vendors acquire funds and market their products.

CTBC Financial Park is currently the largest diamond level green building among all office buildings in the financial industry.

Taiwan Life introduced the micro-insurance plan as a means of overcoming the deficiency inherent in government-funded social insurance or social assistance measures.

Introduced paper-free green services and Internet banking to reduce use of paper; encouraged employees to reuse paper, bring their own dining utensils, utilize electronic signatures, and conduct video conferencing.


  • CTBC invests in enterprises associated with water Sipply, wastewater treatment, and water resources.
  • The CTBC Financial Park’s water-using facilities are all connected to rainwater recovery systems.

We set 2014 as the baseline year with electricity usage to be reduced by 2% a year, and 6% within 3 years for total savings of 780,000 kWh.

Included ecological conservation concepts in loan application processes; for example, stringent criteria are imposed on loan applications for investments in mountain or hillside constructions.