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  CTBC Asset Management Co. (CTBC AMC) was founded in May 2003, mainly for the purpose of taking advantage of the large quantities of non-performing assets arising from Taiwan’s domestic financial reform. A team of professionals was assembled to seek out potential business opportunities and to help companies improve their finances. CTBC AMC manages debt trading for financial institutions and for the leasing investment industry.

Since its inception, CTBC AMC has been continually increasing investments and collaborating with reputable foreign partners to manage non-performing loans (NPLs) and related businesses, in addition to performing the same tasks for CTBC AMC. In response to globalization and financial internationalization, it is set to broaden its horizons internationally in pursuit of business opportunities on a global scale. In the future, it will actively bid for NPLs at financial institutions, both domestic and overseas, and will strive to better its understanding of foreign NPL processing and other related professional experience, while operating in accordance with financial reform policy.

In response to the increasingly competitive financial environment, CTBC AMC manages increasing investments in leasing businesses. CTBC AMC established a leasing investment company in Hong Kong with the primary purpose of investing in the leasing industry in China. In mainland China, there are few barriers to establishing a financial leasing company and the business potential is large. After establishment, a company can directly begin dealing with RMB and immediately begin increasing their presence. Future integration with financial holdings companies will be enhance the effectiveness of asset disposal, bringing into play the synergy between CTBC Holding and CTBC AMC to enhance investment profits and expand the scope of our asset management business.
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