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  CTBC Securities, formerly known as Pou Chen Securities, was founded in 1989. It was originally the largest professional brokerage in Kaohsiung with an initial capital investment of NT$200 million. In 2000, its name was changed to Chinatrust Securities Corporation and its capital had increased to NT$3.5 billion. In 2003 it was renamed Chinatrust Securities Co., Ltd. (CTBC Securities) and had increased capital to NT$5 billion. In 2009, to increase our operational capital, BIS ratio, and EPS, we issued private equity, increasing our capital to NT$5.36 billion. In 2015, in order to enhance capital operation, we increased our capital to NT$6.03 billion. CTBC Securities assists with corporate financing in the capital market and strives to improve our securities and futures, all for the purpose of providing customers with a more diversified spectrum of trading services.

Aside from assisting with corporate financing in capital markets, CTBC Securities also offers services related to securities and futures, thereby providing customers with a full range of securities services. Currently, in addition to the CTBC Securities headquarters, other branches include: Zhongxiao, Kaohsiung, Sanchong, Yongkang, Wenxin, Hsinchu, Zhongli, Songjiang, Chiayi, which provide customers with publicly-traded securities and investment opportunities in emerging stocks and futures trading. In the future under CTBC Holding, CTBC Securities will provide online ordering, app orders, telephone orders, and ordering compatible with the iPhone and Android smartphones in addition to financial management software to meet our customers’ one-stop shopping demands. With the rapid development of technology, growth of per capita income, and improvements in education, local investors are more accepting of a variety of financial products and demand has increased accordingly. High-quality product planning and financial services have become important factors for investors, which has spurred CTBC Securities to expand operations.


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