CTBC Holding's corporate image, workplace environment, compensations and benefits, career development, and job roles and responsibilities have received widespread recognition. In 2022, in addition to being honored at HR Asia's Best Companies To Work For In Asia awards for the fifth consecutive year, we were once again rated as the best employer in the finance sector in Taiwan by global employer branding consultancy Universum, and moved up No. 13 across all industries.
Diversity and inclusiveness
As of the end of 2022, women accounted for 60.51% of all employees across the entire Company and 56.70% of all managers, with the proportion of middle and senior managers who are women having increased by 2.15% from 2021, indicating the opportunities for career growth provided to all employees regardless of gender.
Fair pay
We are committed to maintaining a friendly and equal-opportunity workplace. We provide fair remuneration to all employees regardless of gender, age, race, or nationality, ensuring that all employees are able to contribute and excel equally. In 2022, there was no significant difference in the annual remuneration of women and men employed by CTBC Holding in Taiwan, neither at the management level nor the non-management level.
Human rights policies and commitments

To support the implementation of international human rights conventions, we have integrated human rights into our Code of Conduct for employees and formulated the CTBC Holding Human Rights Policy and CTBC Bank Modern Slavery Statement. We require our employees, suppliers, and partners to abide by these regulations in order to protect the interests of all of our stakeholders.

In addition to regularly assessing the risk of human rights infringements at all business locations, we also map out improvement measures based on the assessment results and work toward the goal of zero human rights risks in the workplace. We have also established policies such as the Occupational Health and Safety Workplace Rules and the Sexual Harassment Prevention Measures, Complaints, and Disciplinary Approach. These regulations clarify the roles of relevant human rights units, education and training, and notification procedures in order to protect the rights and interests of employees and maintain a harassment-free work environment. Furthermore, the Company regularly appoints labor– management representatives to hold meetings on the rights, interests, and welfare of its employees. The relevant regulations and employee handbook are available on our internal website for reference by employees at any time.

CTBC Holding is dedicated to implementing employee care based on human rights and gender equality. In addition to incorporating international human rights provisions into the employee Code of Conduct, the Company also offers relevant educational training programs to promote employees' awareness of human rights issues. In 2022, we provided human rights training to our full-time employees, with a completion rate of 100% and the total training of 20,963 hours. There were no reported cases of discrimination, child labor, forced or compulsory labor, or any infringement on employee interests at CTBC Holding in 2022.

In addition, with the aim of protecting human rights and creating a healthy and comfortable working environment, CTBC Bank, Taiwan Life, and CTBC Security have formulated the Workplace Unlawful Infringement Prevention Plan, Workplace Maternal Health Protection Plan, Overwork-Related Hazards Prevention Plan, and Ergonomic-Related Hazards Prevention Plan in recent years. Meanwhile, CTBC Bank and Taiwan Life have incorporated ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems standards for trial implementation at their headquarters to better ensure employees' workplace health and safety at the workplace. The scope of this incorporation is expected to be gradually expanded to protect employees' physical and mental health so as to their rights, interests, and welfare.

CTBC Holding is committed to creating an even friendlier human rights environment. To this end, in December 2022, we signed Taiwan's National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights, which actively complies with the standards and philosophies of the U.N. Guiding Principles. As a signatory, we will work with the government, NGOs, enterprises, and the public to jointly build a more diverse society that offers prosperity to all.

Human capital development assessment
We set a general training and development direction every year, and launch various training programs accordingly. In addition to utilizing the Kirkpatrick Model to review the learning outcomes of our training programs, we also evaluate their effectiveness by using the Jack Phillips' ROI training methodology. The ROI of our training programs is calculated by using the relevant quantitative data of training effectiveness to verify the programs' economic benefits.
Creating a healthy workplace

CTBC Bank has a dedicated team of nurses who monitor employees' health. Every year, they analyze employees' health conditions and evaluate the effectiveness of their health management and epidemiology based on the results from their annual health examinations. Annual health management plans and health promotion activities are also organized, such as annual health checkups, on-site doctor services, health seminars, blood donations, and physical fitness activities. For employees with abnormal conditions, potential health risks, or needs for health consultations, the Company offers case-by-case health management, such as through support and follow-up services, to help them recover and ultimately control their health conditions.

In the past three years, the rate of CTBC Holding employee health checkups was 80%. We also take myriad actions to improve employees' health, including by providing healthy dining choices and conducting health promotion campaigns. Furthermore, we regularly organize courses on stress management, stress relief, and interpersonal communication. We sanitize our workplaces on a regular basis, stabilize the humidity and temperature in the workplace, provide a fully equipped fitness center at our headquarters, and follow up on employees' health checkup results. Such efforts have earned recognition, including received the government's Healthy Workplace Certification and Taiwan iSport Corporate Certification for consecutive years.

Employee health and safety risk matrix