Environmental sustainability strategy
Our core approach to implementing green operations comprises energy conservation, carbon footprint reduction, and environmental sustainability. To deliver on our "Green Policy, Green Future" promise, we devote significant effort in the five key areas of expanding green procurement, implementing sustainability-related education and training, strengthening energy resource management, persistent and regular verification, and partnering with sustainable suppliers. In addition, we strive to minimize the impact and maximize the benefit of our business activities on the environment. In 2022, CTBC Holding invested NT$21.06 million in human resources, equipment, training, and management system tutorials and certifications as part of our sustainability strategy.
Environmental management systems and certification
Subsidiaries of the group have received ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems certification1. Our GHG emissions for all Taiwanese locations have been verified using ISO 14064-1, with more overseas locations adopting the standards. The scope of our branch coverage is shown below.
Green Building
CTBC Financial Park is one of the leading domestic examples of energy-conserving and carbon-reducing office buildings. It has received Ecology, Energy, Waste Reduction and Health (EEWH) Green Building Label certification from the Taiwan government. Furthermore, moving forward, we have committed to ensuring that all new buildings' construction plans achieve Green Building Label certification. CTBC Holding has already obtained EEWH Green Building certification or candidate certificates for five buildings located in Nangang District, Taipei City; Xitun District, Taichung City; and Qianzhen District, Kaohsiung City.
Greenhouse gas management
The Board of Directors of CTBC Holding officially adopted the 2050 net-zero emissions target in 2022 and submitted its SBTi targets at the end of the year as part of efforts to actively promote energy conservation and carbon reduction across the group. The total GHG emissions in Scopes 1 and 2 in 2022 amounted to 43,725 metric tons of CO₂e. Of these, 40,502 metric tons were from electricity use in Scope 2. In addition, CTBC Holding continues to promote energy conservation, carbon reduction, and green energy deployment in its operations; specifically, it has set carbon reduction targets for its operations, aiming to reduce emissions by 4.2% annually according to the baseline of 2021.
Energy management
CTBC Holding has been promoting various energy integration projects and objectives on a triennial basis. We have achieved our targets of reducing electricity consumption by 6% each in phase 1 (2015–2017) and phase 2 (2018–2020). In 2022, CTBC Financial Park and CTBC Bank cut their Scope 2 carbon emissions by a total of 793 metric tons, and reduced electricity consumption by 1.55 million kWh (2.16%) from 2021, achieving our phase 3(2021-2022) target of reducing electricity consumption by 1% each year with 2020 as the base year. We have set the following short-term (2023), medium-term (2025), and long-term (2030) cumulative carbon reduction targets based on the SBTi, using 2021 as the base year: an 8.4% reduction by 2023, a 16.8% reduction by 2025, and a 37.8% reduction by 2030. We evaluate our green energy procurement rate annually in accordance with the SBTi's carbon reduction goals.
Renewable energy
We are actively promoting the transition to a low-carbon. As part of these efforts, we became the first financial institution in Taiwan to receive National Renewable Energy Certification (T-REC) from the Ministry of Economic Affairs in June 2017. As of 2022, we had obtained 374 T-RECs, and plans are in place to purchase 2 million kWh of green energy in 2022. We expect to have acquired a total of 2,000 T-RECs by 2023–2024. Furthermore, to achieve our SBTi carbon reduction goals, we will evaluate our green energy procurement annually and are actively promoting energy saving plans. We aim to purchase 6 million kWh of green energy by 2025, totaling 12 million kWh, and aim for 16 million kWh by 2030, totaling 74 million kWh. CTBC Financial Park and CTBC Taichung Headquarters also have solar power generation equipment installed, contributing 75,707 kWh to the public grid in 2022.
Paperless operations
The performance of our subsidiaries in transitioning to paperless operations is as follows: