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CTBC Holding published its first CSR report in 2007, in addition to adopting the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI Standard) guidelines, we continues to support the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations and disclose our capital allocation and planning strategies according to the integrated reporting framework as a referential guide for CSR management. To be capable of further creating the greatest benefit for our stakeholders and comply with international sustainable development trends, CTBC fulfills its responsibilities in environmental, social, and governance sustainability as we continue to improve the performance and quality of our sustainable management and strive toward corporate sustainable development.

CTBC Holding is committed to its brand value - "We are family" and its characters as a "Caring, Professional and Trustworthy" service provider to continue providing the most professional products and services for customers. We use TRUST (Transparency, Responsibility, Understanding, Satisfactory and Together) as our testament to demonstrate the importance of corporations, the environment, employees, customers, and society to CTBC Holding through five major dimensions of governance and responsibility, environmental sustainability, employee care, products and services, and social development. We continue to refine our quality to provide customers with thoughtful financial services and fulfill our social and environmental responsibilities, with the expectation of creating a better future.

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