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“Protect and Build” values for our people, customers, shareholders and communities, help them succeed  financially and enjoy a great life.

Become Taiwan Champion, Asia Leader and the best financial institute for Chinese around the world.

The predecessor of CTBC is China Securities Investment Corp., which was founded in 1966. Those were days when the Taiwan economy was yet to take off. But CTBC had been keenly aware early on that service is what financial institutions are really all about. For more than four decades, CTBC has adhered unwaveringly to this very corporate tenet.Over these years, CTBC has also stood firmly by its brand spirit of “We are family” while providing customers with congenial, convenient services. Building on this heritage in the new millennium, CTBC considers “To Protect and Build” its corporate motto. It will team up with customers in a common quest for an ever-brighter future for everyone. In its turn, CTBC is set to make a “Taiwan Champion, Asia Leader and the best financial institute for Chinese around the world.” Ultimately, CTBC aims to become a premium brand name that is recognized by customers everywhere as the most trusted financial services institution.

Our caring is about a universal love for people around us. We have the passion to build a better world.
Through understanding people's needs and helping them fulfill their dreams,
we live a prosperous and fulfilled life of our own.


Being familiar with our job is only fulfilling the basic requirement of our job.
For us, the standard for a professional is having the ability to be a leader through actions and decisions deriving from a combination of pragmatic thinking and creative thought.
We are not an authority figure to our customers. Instead, we are the industrious “financial mentor” that assists our customer resolve their problems and create for them a better future.
When they encounter difficulties and challenges in their lives,we aim to be the first resource that our customers think of.


Attentive care and professionalism allows us to be equal partners with our customers. Whenever they are in need or are facing tough challenges, we are the first they think of. This sort of trust sometimes goes beyond the trust between friends and family.
We treasure and value the special trust our customers have in us. But having their trust is only the beginning, more importantly is gaining the respect of our customers.
We also know that trust is not only between CTBC and our customers,
trust must also come from our colleagues.
Because solidarity is the foundation of all trust.

CTBC's corporate logo has undergone five major changes for more than 40 years. This decades-long evolution in corporate logo vividly reflects how its core thinking and emphasis have been updated and revised to meet the requirements of the time.
In particular, the double-C logo in use from 1978 to 1991 was designed by Founding Chairman Jeffrey L.S. Koo. The first C embodies the corporate name: CTBC; the second C refers to customers. The combination of the double C's relays an unambiguous message: there would be no CTBC without customers. Subsequently, the slogan "We are family" was incorporated into the double-C logo to constitute a brand-new CI meant for the global market. The round-shaped "We are family" Logo is to assert our belief in "Treating our customers like family" and "Creating a future hand in hand". The round shape represents our global services and the "We are family" tagline emphasizes we care for our customers as well as our employees. Red and green are the two primary colors of CTBC. The green color resembles our belief in integrity and caring services. Red stresses proactive ness and passion.
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