Our Subsidiaries


CTBC Asset Management (CTBC AMC) was founded in May 2003 to take advantage of the large quantities of non-performing assets arising from domestic financial reform. A team of professionals was assembled to seek out business opportunities and help companies improve their finances. Today, CTBC AMC manages debt trading for financial institutions and the real estate leasing investment business.

Since its inception, CTBC AMC has steadily increased its investments and collaborated with reputable foreign partners to manage non-performing loans (NPLs) and related assets. In addition, it actively evaluates real estate and moveable property available on the foreclosure market and through government auctions; while waiting for the optimal time to resell these properties, the company ensures maximum value from them through means such as leasing and renovating. CTBC AMC also works with its affiliates to manage, maintain, and activate our group’s idle assets.

At CTBC AMC, we’ve also been responsive to the government’s campaign to promote urban renewal, including by funding property owners and developers. More recently, we've been broadening our horizons and looking beyond borders in pursuit of new opportunities. In the future, CTBC AMC will act as the implementer of urban renewal or initiator of reconstruction of urban unsafe and old buildings, and assist owners of urban renewal or reconstruction of urban unsafe and old buildings in handling applications and planning for projects or cases, also continue to actively bid for NPLs at financial institutions.

Should you discover any illegal or dishonest conduct, we encourage you to contact us following whistleblowing channel:
Post:Attn: CTBC Asset Management Co., Ltd., 19F., No. 168, Jingmao 2nd Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei City 115.
Email(Chairman Mailbox): ctbcamcchairman@ctbcamc.com