Our Subsidiaries

CTBC Security

Founded in 1995 and a CTBC Holding subsidiary since 2005, CTBC Security is the only security agency in Taiwan owned by a financial holding group. Its business scope includes maintaining the safety of personnel, property, and assets for its clients (including the CTBC Holding group) as well as disaster prevention and personal safety consulting. With CTBC Security’s background and specialized expertise, it’s little wonder that the company’s largest business area is providing high-quality security guard services for clients in the financial industry and adjacent sectors.

With its motto “Security First, Service First” always in mind, CTBC Security enforces strict operating practices adopted from Taiwan’s police force, including for training, supervision, and duty planning. It has cultivated an elite young workforce that exceeds its industry peers in professionalism and other metrics, including customer contract renewal and employee turnover. In addition, every one of its 400 employees has passed rigorous recruitment tests and police screening.

In recent years, CTBC Security has received praise from various police units for its assistance in cases involving fraud, theft, and narcotics. It has been similarly lauded by the mayors of Taipei and Kaohsiung and presented with the Outstanding Service Award by the Commercial Times.

CTBC Security excels in environmental, social, and corporate governance, too, having received ISO 14064-1 greenhouse gases certification in 2018 and ISO 14001 environment management and ISO 50001 energy management certification in 2019.Continue to implement ISO 14064-1,ISO 14001,ISO 50001 system standards to date. It also partnered with the Taiwan Institute of Psychotherapy to develop an employee mental health support program, which includes online wellbeing tests as well as professional phone and in-person counseling.

Moving forward, CTBC Security will continue to enhance its security services by further refining the skills and training of its staff while fostering working environments supportive of their mental health. In doing so, we also hope to influence our peers to better fulfill their own corporate responsibilities. This is because we believe in healthy competition – not underbidding. Similarly, we are committed to further improving the benefits offered to our employees in the hope of elevating the standards of Taiwan’s security industry and providing all clients with higher-quality, more satisfying services.