Our Subsidiaries

CTBC Securities was founded as Pou Chen Securities in 1989. It grew rapidly to become the largest broker in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan's largest city. In 2000, CTBC Bank became an investor in the company, which later changed its name to CTBC Securities and in 2018 became a 100% fully owned subsidiary of CTBC Holding. In addition to assisting with corporate financing in capital markets, the firm is constantly expanding its securities and futures business in order to provide its customers with the most diverse range of trading services in Taiwan.

To this end, in 2019, CTBC Securities launched the trading app CTBC Spark, whose three major features were patented and named Best Product of the Year by the National Brand Yushan Award.

At CTBC Securities, we’re keenly aware of the growing appetite among local investors for more diverse financial products. We’re meeting this demand for high-quality product planning and comprehensive wealth management services by offering reconsignment services for overseas equity and debt products. In doing so, we’re also satisfying customers’ growing demand for one-stop shopping and asset profile allocation.

Currently, in addition to CTBC Securities’ headquarters, we maintain 10 branches in cities across Taiwan as well as an offshore securities unit, providing customers with services relating to publicly traded securities and investment opportunities in emerging stocks and futures trading. In addition, to expand our international business and elevate the diversity of our products, we have established CTBC Securities Venture Capital, CTBC Securities Investment Service, and, in Hong Kong, CTBC Asia, giving our customers more in-depth industrial reports and actionable insights.

Looking ahead, CTBC Securities will continue conducting business with integrity and innovation. Guided by CTBC Holding’s “We are family” spirit, we will further enhance both our digital and physical channels in order to provide domestic and overseas equity and debt products for every customer group. We will also leverage group resources to deliver more thoughtful and innovative products, fund-raising, and investment services.